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As part of the web development team of HIT Interactive Marketing Group, I was in charge of the development of the global websites for Snapple.

We were given the design specs and we built the website from there. In this project I acted as the project manager and front-end developer. We also had a back-end developer as part of the team. His task was developing the "Real Facts" section and integrating it with the front-end of the website.

As a project manager I was in charge of coordinating the team and updating the client with project status.

As a Web Designer, I had to create all the assets to be used on the website, taking into consideration the design specs given by the client. I used both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create all assets.

As a Web Developer, I was in charge of creating the layout and all pages of the website, excluding the "Real Facts" and "Social Hub" sections. I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and basic PHP to develop the website.

For the "Real Facts" and "Social Hub" sections I worked closely with the backend developer in order to setup the frontend and integrate it with the backend database. I setup the layout/template for the "Real Facts" while the backend developer setup the database.

For this project, we developed and adapted the website for various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Trinidad, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and St. Maarten.

FUN FACT: While working on this project I was able to travel and work from South Korea. I was in Jeju for 5 weeks and in Seoul for 1 week. While there I was able to meet and work with local developers in order to inmerse myself and have a better understanding of the Korean market. I learned more about the local search engine (Naver) and strategies on how to optimize the websites for such engine. It was a most enriching experience.

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