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"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." Many people limit themselves with the fear of failure. That's not the case of Jennifer Cortés. She was born in Puerto Rico and at the age of 13 moved to Tacoma, WA where she discovered a passion for web design. In 2001 after moving to Chesterfield, VA she attended the Chesterfield Technical Center and received a certificate in Digital Imaging. In her senior year of high school she took a class in web design and became the school's webmaster.

Jennifer is a graduate from Atlantic College with a bachelors degree in Graphic Design. She has had many experiences in the web design industry such as being the webmaster for chibidesigns.com, a free graphics site for five years; webmaster of mireggaetoncristiano.com, ndgpr.com; and special events such as "Siempre Navidad", a Christmas play, and "Me Flosharon", a musical comedy show. She worked for Arteaga & Arteaga, an advertising agency, as a web designer and has worked in projects such as haztelaprueba.org, the City of Ponce website and others. Currently she works as a web design professor in Atlantic College.

Jennie, as her friends like to call her, has many dreams and goals for the future, one being able to work in different parts of the world where she can gain diverse knowledge and perspective in the industry of graphic design. Like Babe Ruth said, "you just can't beat a person who doesn't give up." And that's exactly how Jennie is, she loves challenges and new experiences.
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Here you will find a collection of some of my works.
Click on the small image to see a bigger sample or variations of that design. Enjoy!
Vipal PR

Vipal PR and Vipal Retread
Vipal contacted me to design both their websites. The purpose of both sites is to offer information about the company and their products. The main page features a Flash rotating banner with various images of products and special offers.

web design NDG

NDG is a youth group of ages 15 to 25. The idea was to create a site to have information about the group, when they meet, where they're located as well as show pictures and videos of all events. The site was built with HTML and CSS.

web design

Puerto del Mundo
P.d.M is a music group focused on the local Puertorrican flavor and social awareness. The site was created to provide not only information about the band, but also to educate visitors about music and Puertorrican terms. The site is built with HTML and CSS. Wordpress was later added to the main site.


Primera Hora E-bits
Primera Hora is one of the top-selling newspaper in Puerto Rico. For their online newsletters they asked to design a template to be used everytime they sent out an "e-bits" I was in charge of designing the template using icons provided by the client as well as their logo. This was the result.

Brochure Designs for SBI

Brochure Designs for SBI
Shining Bright International is a non-profit organization deticated to do local missions in Puerto Rico as well as in Haiti. The purpose was to design two brochures about two main projects in Haiti- a childrens program call Petit Geant and the second to build a water well in Archaie.

Vipal PR

Not Knowing
Was an ad campaign done by Arteaga and Arteaga Advertising Agency for Bistrol Myer. The purpose of the site was to provide information on why, how and where to get tested for HIV. The campaign was so succesfull, it won various awards and recognitions.
Video explaining campaign

Web site design for MCPR

Master's Commission PR
MCPR is a non-profit organization dedicated to discipleship of young people. The idea for the website was to create a fun, retro-style site to atract young people as well as provide information on what MCPR does and how to get in touch with them.

UR Shoe Boutique

UR Shoe Boutique
The purporse was to redesign their logo. The idea was to portray a classy yet still fun looking logo. The concept for the final logo is to show the letters as if they were on a shelf display. The colors were chosen by the client.

Estas muy grande...

"You're too old"
This site was developed for the 2008 Bristol Myer Capaign to get tested against HIV. The concept of the site was to have various books featuring different farytale characters and let people know that they're too old to believe in farytales. To navigate the page you clicked on a book, depending on which you chose, it would open like book and would feature that specific farytale character.

Generacion al Descubierto

NDG Promotion Flyer
This flyer was designed for a Youth activity. It was designed to be printed 11" x 17". A web display variation was also designed.


When Haiti went through the earthquake last year, this flyer was designed to ask for donations to be sent to Haiti. The flyer was designed to be printed 11" x 17" and to be posted around the school.

Web re-design for WAPA Tv

Re-design WAPA
Recently WAPA put out a challange for Web designers to re-design Wapa's web page. The idea was to include all the content currently on Wapa and re-design the look and feel. This was the result.

Postal de Navidad

Chic Christmas
This illustration was done using Adobe Illustrator. The idea was to illustrate a Chic Style Christmas greeting card.

Mi Cita Medica Web Page

Mi Cita Medica
This website was designed for a proposed project for a website to make doctor appointments online.

Jennie Cortes


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